Welcome to Your Father's Den! Here you will find the"best of the best" of reel to reel music just like dear old Dad use to play. The format and genre will be similar to that of the Hut. I chose to do this blog because there are tapes out there in high quality analog that no one has ever heard before(including myself) It gives the listener a chance to hear some great music as it was meant to be heard. So I hope you will enjoy this new blog and I welcome any comments.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

60 Selections Exactly As Heard on American Airlines Astrostereo!

                        SKY-HIGH EXTRAVAGANZA!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,
Thank You for sharing this great recording.

It's nice to see you back...

Scott in Los Angeles.

AlgernonBlack said...

Many thanks, 2 terrific albums.


Philippe said...

Wonderful !

Thank you for sharing with us !

Best regards,


Rich said...

Thanks Scott enjoy the reel!

Hi Philippe Always great to hear from you. Enjoy!

Scott said...

This sounds goregous! Thanks for coming back. :)

Rich said...

Great hearing from from hope all is well in your world!

Glad to be back. I upped the treble on this tape because it was a little muffled, so I'm glad you like!

Phillip said...

Many thanks for the re-up, Rich.

Rich said...

Hey Phillip great hearing from you. Thanks

Muff Diver said...

Wow, Rich, you've been busy-busy (not that I'm complaining, ya unnerstand...) and these quality re-ups never get old!

Thank you!