Welcome to Your Father's Den! Here you will find the"best of the best" of reel to reel music just like dear old Dad use to play. The format and genre will be similar to that of the Hut. I chose to do this blog because there are tapes out there in high quality analog that no one has ever heard before(including myself) It gives the listener a chance to hear some great music as it was meant to be heard. So I hope you will enjoy this new blog and I welcome any comments.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


EL Cid


Phillip said...

Rich, you are the man. Many thanks once again.

OBHS_DNA said...

Hello - I downloaded this file and a couple of other selections from your collection. You are right - the sound is fuller and cleaner than transfers from discs! I especially liked being able to listed to sample cuts before I downloaded the whole album.
-Dan in W Michigan, USA

Rich said...

Thanks Phillip always good to hear from you.

I think the better sound is from the recording equipment used back in the day. There was no digital recording equipment, it was all transistors and vacuum tubes. That's why I use a vintage Maranatz stereo receiver when transferring my recordings to my laptop.

The Macs said...

I really like these Tape Mate various artist releases. Thanks!

Rich said...

I do too. I have one more that features big bands.

Anonymous said...

I love these hour long tapes. When transferred to CD they play beautifully in my car. Many thanks.


Rich said...

Especially if you stereo can play mp3's.

sam truan said...

Thank you very much!!!
How do I convert FLAC files to mp3s

Muff Diver said...

Ah, more treasure from the audio vault!

Thank you, Rich!