Welcome to Your Father's Den! Here you will find the"best of the best" of reel to reel music just like dear old Dad use to play. The format and genre will be similar to that of the Hut. I chose to do this blog because there are tapes out there in high quality analog that no one has ever heard before(including myself) It gives the listener a chance to hear some great music as it was meant to be heard. So I hope you will enjoy this new blog and I welcome any comments.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Now here's a reel by the Living Strings that is everything that I love about easy listening. As a matter of fact, this is how I got into bloggin'. When I was searching for more easy listening music to add to my library, I came across Stax-O-Wax and downloaded Martin Denny's Romantica. I started looking into more blogs to find his music, only to find out that this album was not Denny's typical style. Instead I discovered another style that I liked , from there I was inspired to share my passion for LP restoration with the rest of the world and thus the Vinyl Lounge Hut was born. Now here we are with Your Father's Den. Thanks to all of you bloggers out there who inspired me. I'm hoping to go public again by not identify my files as I upload them. I need to do a little more research. Any input or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Too Beautiful For Words


Melachrino said...

This is one of my all-time favorite Living Strings albums. This just embodies the “Beautiful Music” radio format from the 60’s and early 70’s to perfection. Hearing this reminds me of riding in my uncle’s big old Lincoln as a kid. It was the first car I ever rode in that had FM stereo. He always kept it tuned to WKTZ, Jones College Radio, our local Easy Listening station in Jacksonville, and it sounded amazing. Anyhow, my vinyl copy of this is much less than perfect so thanks a million for this upgrade. It sounds great.

As far as the blog goes, I’d like to see you stay private, but that’s just my opinion. It’s just too crazy out there in the wild. (Just ask The Macs or Oracle.) Anyway, you will have my support whichever way you choose to go.

Phillip said...

I second Melachrino's comments about going public. Simon at In-Flight Entertainment is having many of his posts deleted again, and the heartbreak of last April lives long in my memory - and I'm just an observer!

But Rich, it's your call. I'll love your work in whichever mode you post it.

Rich said...

I suppose keeping it simple is the best way to go rather than having to worry about losing posts or music.

sam truan said...

Thanks Rich..you have my support
which ever way
I love your work especially
the reel to reels
as I grew up listening
to them.

Crichton72 said...

What a nice sound! Thanks much.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ said...

Thanks for the tapes. as for public, my advice, don't do it.

Domenic Ciccone (AKA Martooni) said...

Checking it out. Thanks.

One of Martini Mistress's blog was wiped out exactly 6 months after her last one.
Maybe someone has a task set up in Outlook every 6 months.

Swank Daddy said...

As soon as you spell out the name of an album or artist in the title, label or text of any post the music nazis will be onto you.

See this hole in my shorts? Been there.

Going public won't get you anything other than a bigger number in a site meter.

Rich said...

Point well taken, it's better to play it safe. Thanks for all the input.

RadioWizard said...

Rich...just a little behind here, but that recording looks great. Also, I am in total agreement with staying private. Keeps the metrocops away.

JG said...

Well, I'm late to the party, but I agree with the other bloggers, don't stick your neck out.

All my posts are with Oracle et al.

See you there.


Your Pal Doug said...

Welcome back!!!

Rich said...

Hi Doug!
I'm going open verses private with comment moderation and word verification.

beachdude said...

Thanks Rich!

Vince said...

Hi Rich,
Thanks for the wonderful Living Strings posts. This great music is very hard to come by and I appreciate your awesome work on this very much. If you go private I hope you will add me to your list--I would like to still have access to your wonderful posts!

Rich said...

I sure will Vince.

Rich said...

You're welcome beachdude!

AlgernonBlack said...

A lovely set of Living Strings for which many thanks.


Muff Diver said...

I vote your blog stays safe, by whatever means necessary. Protect yourself, protect your work.

And thanks again for this lovely music!

Rich said...

Thanks for the input. I'll go private to avoid future hassles.