Welcome to Your Father's Den! Here you will find the"best of the best" of reel to reel music just like dear old Dad use to play. The format and genre will be similar to that of the Hut. I chose to do this blog because there are tapes out there in high quality analog that no one has ever heard before(including myself) It gives the listener a chance to hear some great music as it was meant to be heard. So I hope you will enjoy this new blog and I welcome any comments.

Sunday, September 11, 2011





Phillip said...

Rich, you are the bees' knees. I'll buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate your work on this effervescent album.

Rich said...

Sounds like a plan, have one for me.

RadioWizard said...

Rich...I'll have to check my digital archive...I know I have a download of this guy, but not sure what album. I suspect, however, that it's this one. I actually hope it isn't, as I would like another one of their albums.
And, it's on my other computer that is all disconnected. Booo.

Swank Daddy said...

Mumm takes "cheezy" to a new level Lawrence Welk never dreamed of. ;-)

Jack, I think the one you refer to is "Pink Champagne for Dancing".

Here's the track list for this one:

Pink Cocktail for a Blue Lady / Tea for Two / Beer Barrel Polka / Full Moon and Empty Arms / Elmer's Tune / Missouri Waltz / The Happy Whistler / Smoke Gets in Your Eyes / Pizzicato Polka / I'm Always Chasing Rainbows / C'est Si Bon / Champagne Waltz

Phillip said...

Yes SD this version of Full Moon and Empty Arms is 'OTT to the max,' as they say in the vernacular. And the ancillary instruments in the most unlikely places! Steel guitar, Hammond etc. Thanks to Rich, the fidelty is so good it's spooky.

Melachrino said...

Phillip said it best. It does sound so good that you can't believe it's as old as it is. It sounds BETTER that most professionally mastered CDs of music from this time period. There is a great photo gallery of albums on the Omega label here.


Great job Rich!

RadioWizard said...

Ok then...I'll take it! Thanks mucho.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ said...

Took several of your tape rips on vacation with me and they are stellar. Thanks.

Rich said...

Thanks for the great complements. Though I really like to present these reels in their natural state, I just couldn't help doing a de-hiss and adding a little sparkle to this reel.

JG said...

I want this...sounds wonderful in description.

Thank you.


Armpit Studios said...

Am I missing something? The only links I see on the multiupload page are for downloading something called iLivid. And the Skip Ad button takes me to a page that says the "offer is not available in my area".

sakilov said...

Well, better late than rude! Thank you for this!